Random groups (mini-course, > 60 participants), Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, USA.
   Constructions of non-C*-exact groups (mini-course, > 170 participants), Clay Mathematics Institute, University of Oxford, UK.
   Representation theory of groups (Bachelor / Master level), University of Vienna.
   Gruppentheorie (Bachelor / Master level; in German), University of Vienna.
   Geometric and asymptotic group theory (GAGT) (advanced course), University of Vienna.
        GAGT I  (2014-15)    Coarse embeddings of infinite graphs and groups
        GAGT    (2013-14)    Introduction to Right-angled Artin groups
        GAGT    (2012-13)    Geometry and analysis of free groups
        GAGT II (2011-12)    Baumslag-Solitar groups
        GAGT I  (2011-12)    Random groups
        GAGT II (2010-11)    Analytic properties of infinite groups
        GAGT I  (2010-11)    Gromov's polynomial growth theorem
   Differential and integral calculus (Fourier analysis, 2nd year), University of Neuchâtel.
             Infinite groups: geometry and analysis (advanced course), University of Geneva.
            Algebra (1st year), University of Geneva.
            Random groups (graduate course), Bernoulli Center, EPFL.             Algebra (1st year), University of Geneva.
            Infinite groups: growth and isoperimetry, IIIe Cycle Romand de Mathématiques, EPFL.
Algebra (1st year), University of Geneva.
Random structures: graphs, groups, surfaces (graduate course), Unversity of Geneva.
Discrete structures and Information theory (3rd year), University of Geneva.
2001-2003     Introduction in Computer Science and Statistics (1st and 2nd years), University of Geneva.
1998-2001     Geometry of Relations in Group Theory and Automatic Groups (graduate course);
                      Transformation Groups, Geometry, Number Theory, Elements of Mathematics,
                      Algebraic Geometry, Algebra, Selected Topics in Mathematics, Analysis, Statistics
                      (exercises, all years), University of Geneva.
1995-1997     Algebra and Elementary Mathematics (1st and 3rd years), Moscow State Pedagogical University.
1990              Assistant in mathematics in specialized Kolmogorov's school of physics and
                      mathematics for young talents, Moscow Lomonosov State University.