J. Breath Res. 9, 036002 (2015) [DOI: 10.1088/1752-7155/9/3/036002]

Modeling-based determination of physiological parameters of systemic VOCs by breath gas analysis: a pilot study

Karl Unterkofler, Julian King, Pawel Mochalski, Martin Jandacka, Helin Koc, Susanne Teschl, Anton Amann, and Gerald Teschl

In this paper we develop a simple two compartment model which extends the Farhi equation to the case when the inhaled concentration of a volatile organic compound (VOC) is not zero. The model connects the exhaled breath concentration of systemic VOCs with physiological parameters such as endogenous production rates and metabolic rates. Its validity is tested with data obtained for isoprene and inhaled deuterated isoprene-D5.

Keywords: Modeling, Breath gas analysis, Volatile organic compounds, Metabolic rates,

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