Ann. Inst. Fourier. 67, 1185-1230 (2017) [DOI: 10.5802/aif.3107]

Real-Valued Algebro-Geometric Solutions of the Two-Component Camassa-Holm Hierarchy

Jonathan Eckhardt, Fritz Gesztesy, Helge Holden, Aleksey Kostenko, and Gerald Teschl

We provide a construction of the two-component Camassa-Holm (CH-2) hierarchy employing a new zero-curvature formalism and identify and describe in detail the isospectral set associated to all real-valued, smooth, and bounded algebro-geometric solutions of the nth equation of the stationary CH-2 hierarchy as the real n-dimensional torus 𝕋n. We employ Dubrovin-type equations for auxiliary divisors and certain aspects of direct and inverse spectral theory for self-adjoint singular Hamiltonian systems. In particular, we employ Weyl-Titchmarsh theory for singular (canonical) Hamiltonian systems.

While we focus primarily on the case of stationary algebro-geometric CH-2 solutions, we note that the time-dependent case subordinates to the stationary one with respect to isospectral torus questions.

MSC91: Primary 35Q51, 35Q53, 37K15; Secondary 37K10, 37K20.
Keywords: Two-component Camassa-Holm hierarchy, real-valued algebro-geometric solutions, isospectral tori, self-adjoint Hamiltonian systems, Weyl-Titchmarsh theory.

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