Joint meeting of AMS, DMV, ÖMG in Mainz 2005: Special session on

Spectral Analysis of Differential and Difference Operators


General information
The joint meeting of the AMS, DMV, and ÖMG takes place at the University of Mainz, June 16-19 2005. Further information on the conference can be found at the official web site. The special session on Spectral Analysis of Differential and Difference Operators is organized by Evgeny Korotyaev (Potsdam and HU Berlin), Boris Mityagin (Ohio State), and Gerald Teschl (Vienna).
Topics of the session
Structure of the spectra of Schrödinger and Dirac operators; Jacobi matrices and Orthogonal polynomials; Inverse problems and scattering theory; Random operators, completely integrable systems and other applications.
Thursday, June 16, 13h-15.30h and 16h-18.30h; Friday, June 17, 13.30h-16h; Saturday, June 18, 12.30h-15h

 Time  Thursday, June 16  Friday, June 17  Saturday, June 18 
12:30Iryna Egorova
13:00Plamen DjakovJohanna Michor
13:30Maria Hoffmann-OstenhofDaniel Lenz
14:00Jürgen PöschelThomas Hoffmann-OstenhofGünter Stolz
14:30Evgeny KorotyaevJochen BrüningLech Wolowski
15:00-Steve Clark
15:30Rafael Del Rio
16:00Igor Verbitsky
16:30Frédéric Klopp
17:00Volker Bach
17:30Heinz Siedentop
List of Talks
The following participant will give a 25 minutes talk.

Volker Bach, Mainz Ferromagnetism of the Hartree-Fock-z Approximation of the Hubbard Model in the Limit of large Coupling
Anne Boutet de Monvel, Paris Cancled (The asymptotic behavior of eigenvalues of a modified Jaynes-Cummings model)
Jochen Brüning, Berlin Dirac systems and spectral theory
Steve Clark, Missouri-Rolla Weyl-Titchmarsh theory for singular fintie difference Hamiltonian systems
Rafael Del Rio, Mexico City Rank One Perturbations of Jacobi Matrices with mixed Spectra
Plamen Djakov, Sofia Spectral gaps of 1D periodic Schrödinger and Dirac operators
Iryna Egorova, Kharkiv The scattering problem for 1D Schrödinger operators with step-like asymptotically periodic potential
Maria Hoffmann-Ostenhof, Vienna Properties of Coulombic wavefunctions and electron densities
Thomas Hoffmann-Ostenhof, Vienna Spectral theory and nodal domains
Marcus Klein, Potsdam Cancled (Spectral asymptotics of the harmonic oscillator perturbed by bounded potentials)
Frédéric Klopp, Paris-Nord Resonances for slowly varying perturbations of the periodic Schrödinger equation
Evgeny Korotyaev, Berlin The conformal spectral theory for Schrödinger operator with periodic matrix potentials
Daniel Lenz, Chemnitz Cantor spectrum of Lebesgue measure zero for one-dimensional quasicrystals
Johanna Michor, Vienna Scattering theory for Jacobi operators with quasi-periodic background
Jürgen Pöschel, Stuttgart Hill's Potentials in Weighted Sobolev Spaces and their Spectral Gaps
Heinz Siedentop, München The Douglas-Kroll-Heß Method: Convergence and Block-Diagonalization of the Dirac Operator
Günter Stolz, Birmingham Unitary Anderson models
Igor Verbitsky, Missouri-Columbia The form boundedness problem for the general second order differential operator
Lech Wolowski, Bristol Invariant measure and Lyapunov exponent for Schroedinger operator with gamma-distributed potential

Abstracts can be found here.

Registration, travel, and accommodation
Every participant is responsible for registering with the conference and for her/his travel and accommodation. Further information is available at the official web site.
Hope to see you in Mainz! Boris, Evgeny, and Gerald.