Public Transport

You can find connections and timetables at the the web site of the Wiener Linien and city maps here.
For example, to find a connection from the airport to the hotel Kaiser Franz Josef, enter town: Wien, stop: Flughafen, town: Wien, address: Sieveringer Strasse, and the desired date and time.
Then click on submit twice.

Public transport is convenient and safe. Trams, buses and underground trains generally run until about midnight: first and last trains are listed at each stop. There are also night buses on some routes which can be used with the same kind of tickets and are also found by the route finder mentioned above. On fridays and saturdays, underground continues through the whole night.

Inside each bus, underground or tram carriage there is a list of all the stops on that line. All stops are signposted (at bus and tram stops at the top of the stop sign). Free subway maps are available at information offices. Ticket vending machines take € 10 bills but it is advisable to have some small change with you. 'Zone 1' covers all of Vienna; the other zones apply to lines to nearby towns, or to Vienna Airport. In particular, if you buy a single ticket (= Einzelfahrkarte) at a vending machine you should press yellow button 1 under the 'Einzelfahrkarte' table for adults.

The following tickets are available at vending machines (at every subway station), tobacconists, or ticket offices at railway stations. Single tickets are also available (slightly more expensive) inside each tram or bus. Transportation from the airport to Landstraße or Schwedenplatz
Taxis from the airport to Vienna are expensive (starting from € 30.00 if you order in advance), so you should either take the airport bus service from the airport to terminus Schwedenplatz (price € 9.00, every 30 min., tickets available from the driver), or use the Rapid Transit train (Schnellbahn) line S 7 from the airport to Landstraße/Wien Mitte (price = 2 single tram tickets = € 4.40, about every 30 min.; tickets are available from ticket machines on the platform from which the train leaves and also cover the continuation of the journey to the hotel) or take the (faster) train CAT from the airport to Landstraße/Wien Mitte (price= € 12.00; € 11.00 if booked online; a combined ticket CAT + public transport in Vienna at € 14.00 is also available).
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