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     Hello !

     Welcome to my homepage which, as is usual, is continuously under construction...
     (note: this page was previously located at MPA, the Max-Planck-Institute for Astrophysics)

Research and teaching

Some conferences, networks, and projects I am involved in or collaborate with

(see also at my main research interests)

Present activities

Related projects I am interested in

Past activities

Private interests briefly

Old MPA links (most of them still working):

     Hydrodynamics Group Homepage
     Stellar Evolution Homepage
     People at MPA (now internal only)
     MPA Homepage in English
     MPA Homepage auf Deutsch

Priv.-Doz. Mag. Dr. Friedrich Kupka

current affiliation:

Faculty of Mathematics
University of Vienna
Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1
A-1090 Wien

Phone: +43 (0)1 4277 50491
FAX:   +43 (0)1 4277 850491
e-mail: Friedrich followed by . and by Kupka and by @ and then univie.ac.at        

former affiliation at MPA:

Hydrodynamics Group
Max-Planck-Institut für Astrophysik
Karl-Schwarzschild Str. 1
85748 Garching

e-mail: My old address with fk followed by @ and by mpa-garching.mpg.de has now been deactivated !
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