Artificial Intelligence


AI Topics, a dynamic library of introductory information about Artificial Intelligence

List of Artificial Intelligence FAQs

AI-Related Newsgroups

Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach by Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig The second edition (2003), which is much better than the first, gives an excellent 1000 page overview of the whole field
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Mathematical Methods in Artificial Intelligence another good book by Edward A. Bender

Other AI textbooks

Virtual Library Artificial Intelligence

Sreerama Murthy's AI Bookmarks

Georgia Tech Artificial Intelligence

CMU Artificial Intelligence Repository

SIGART: AI Related Information

UIUC AI Information List

American Association of Artificial Intelligence

Society for Artificial Intelligence and Statistics

AI institutions

AI in Vienna

AI-Forschung in Österreich 1994

Research at ÖFAI and IMKAI (Vienna)

ÖFAI, Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence

Department of Medical Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence (University of Vienna)

Artificial Intelligence Lehrveranstaltungen Wien

Machine Learning

David Aha's Machine Learning Resources page

Vienna Online Machine Learning Resources

Case-Based Reasoning in the Web

UCI Machine Learning (mainly logic based)

MLnet Machine Learning Archive at GMD

Machine Learning Bibliographiesat IIT, CA

Homepages of ML and CBR folks

Machine Learning Information on the Net

Mathematical Programming in Machine Learning (Olvi Mangasarian)

Pattern Recognition on the Web

Stream Learning

Rapid-Miner (formerly YALE)

VFML, Very Fast Machine Learning (in C, By Hulten and Domingos)

MOA, Massive Online Analysis (in Java, by Richard Kirkby)

WEKA, Waikato Environment for Knowledge Analysis (in Java)

Real-world Applications

Machine Learning in Games

ML in Astronomy: SKICAT Home Page

WebWatcher Home Page

Medical Imaging Resources

Human Radiology Images

``NetSumm works on any WWW page, and will automatically highlight the sentences that it considers make up the "most important" part of the text. Alternatively, it can extract these sentences to abridge the article.''

Data Sets

There is a separate file for my rather comprehensive list of Statistical Data Sets, including data sets for machine learning and pattern recognition

Classification and Pattern Recognition

Classification Software (my rather comprehensive list of links)

Knowledge Discovery Mine

Classification Society of North America

Pattern Recognition Information

TOOLDIAG pattern recognition toolbox

Pattern Recognition on the Web (a list of links)

Robots and Intelligent Machines

Robotics Frequently Asked Questions List

NQC, Not Quite C (LEGO Mindstorm Programming Language)

Spinoza (a robot)

Cog (a robot)

Humanoid Robotics Group

EKSL, Experimental Knowledge Systems Laboratory (Paul R. Cohen)

Perception for Mobile Agents (IEEE Workshop)

The Learning Systems Laboratory (Tom Duckett)

The Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Systems (IRIS) (J. Little)

Artificial Intelligence at Brown University

Germrob, Robotik in Deutschland

Olivier Faugeras (INRIA)

Computer Vision

IDL Home Page

IDL (Interactive Data Language) FAQ

The XV page

VXL homepage


Computer Vision Home Page

Rosenfeld Bibliographies of Computer Vision

AI in Medicine FAQ

Visual Information Management Home Page

Detection and Recognition of Spatio-temporal Events

Talking Heads: Facial Animation

Facial Animation

AT&T Labs-Research

USCS Perceptual Science Laboratory (search for "shape from motion")

Appearance Based Object Recognition (Horst Bischof)
With Matlab demo

The Facial Recognition Technology (FERET) Database (free)

XM2VTSDB multi-modal face database (at nominal cost)

Movie Analysis

SAMPEG-2 (scene adaptive MPEG-2 video encoder)

Motion Estimation and Tracking (UCLA Vision Lab)

Automatic Movie Content Analysis

VIBES -- Video Browsing, Exploration and Structuring

CogViSys -- Cognitive Vision Systems

Video Analysis by VideoTalk

Video Segmentation

Video Segmentation and Classification

Automatic and Probabilistic Reasoning

A Brief Introduction to Graphical Models and Bayesian Networks

Bayesian Networks Research

Bayesian Networks Bibliography

Abductive Inference in Reasoning and Perception (John Josephson)

Automated Deduction Systems and Groups

Association for Uncertainty in AI

Probabilistic Reasoning in Computing

Probablilistic networks and explanatory coherence (Paul Thagard)

Proof General, Interactive Proof Assistant


Chess FAQs

Chess Space on recent developements of computer chess

Chess Book Reviews

CRAFTY (by Bob Hyatt)

GNU Chess

Chess Pages

Chess and Computer Chess Links (by Louis Kessler)

Other Games

Machine Learning in Games

Bibliography on Machine Learning in Strategic Game Playing


AI and Religion

The Courage to Doubt (by Anne Foerst)


Pattern Recognition Journals

Machine Learning

Machine Learning Online

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