This seminar is an informal forum where members of the DIANA group meet to discuss topics of interest. We meet on a weekly basis. The programme for these meetings will be advertised below, and by email.

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The the seminar takes place every Friday at 10.15 am in Seminarraum 11 (2nd floor).

Anyone interested is welcome to attend.

Winter term 2017

Date Speaker Title
06. Oct. 2017 Scheduling
13. Oct. 2017 Martina Glogowatz
PhD Defense
20. Oct. 2017 Eduard Nigsch
Factorization in Banach modules and applications
27. Oct. 2017 T.B.A.
03. Nov. 2017 T.B.A.
10. Nov. 2017 Artur Sergyeyev
New integrable systems in (3+1) dimensions and contact geometry. Starts at 11:00
17. Nov. 2017 James Grant
An update on a low-regularity positive mass theorem
24. Nov. 2017 Klaus Kröncke
Stability of ALE Ricci-flat manifolds under Ricci flow
01. Dec. 2017 Vladimir Jacimovic
Collective motion of coupled particles on compact Lie groups: Physics and applications
15. Dec. 2017 Benedict Schinnerl
12. Jan. 2018 Leo Veselka
19. Jan. 2018 Michael Koch
26. Jan. 2018 Paolo Giordano / Lorenzo Luperi Baglini
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