Benchmarking links

COCONUT benchmark page

Straightforward Benchmarking Mini-FAQ

NEOS Guide to optimization resources

Benchmarking solver for interactive use on NEOS

Decision Tree for Optimization Software

Benchmarks for Optimization Software by Hans Mittelmann

Model Collection by Hans Mittelmann. Extensive collection of LP, MIP, NLP, and MINLP for benchmarking.

GLOBALLib: A Collection of Nonlinear Programming models (in GAMS format)

COPS, a collection of large-scale Constrained Optimization ProblemS

AMPL collection of Mathematical Programs with Equilibrium Constraints by Sven Leyffer

MINLPLib: A Collection of Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming models (in GAMS format)

MIPLIB - 3.0 in GAMS format

MIPLIB - 3.0 collection of real-world mixed integer program (MPS format)

CUTEr models

The original DIMACS benchmark

MINLP Benchmark (small problems) by Hans D. Mittelmann and Armin Pruessner

Mixed Integer (QC)QP Benchmark by H. Mittelmann (

Benchmark library "Discrete Location Problems" (Sobolev Institute of Mathematics, Russia)

Concorde TSP Benchmarks

Pseudo-Boolean (0-1 Integer Programming) Benchmarks with Hidden Optimum Solutions (by Ke Xu)

Performance Links Page

Several SDP-codes on sparse and other SDP problems by Hans D. Mittelmann

Newer SDP/SOCP-codes on the 7th DIMACS Challenge problems by Hans D. Mittelmann

Benchmark suites

Other useful sources on benchmarking from H.Mittelmann's site

CSDP 4.6, A Library for Semidefinite Programming

0-1 Integer Optimization Benchmarks

Benchmarks with Hidden Optimum Solutions for Graph Problems (by Ke Xu)

Benchmark libraries

Linear Programming Frequently Asked Questions

Nonlinear Programming Frequently Asked Questions

HPL - A Portable Implementation of the High-Performance Linpack Benchmark for Distributed-Memory Computers

Latest version of the LINPACK Report

Linpack Benchmark -- Java Version

Benchmarking web-site BenchWeb

The perfomance database server

SPEC benchmark

Benchmark module - benchmark running times of Perl code