Scalar GAMS Model

The translator CONVERT creates a scalar GAMS model which consists of a model

without sets or indexed parameters, with a new set of individual variables depicting
each variable in the GAMS model ending up with potentially 3 variable classes for the
positive, integer and binary variables each numbered sequentially.

A GAMS scalar model consists of:

All operations involving sets are unrolled, and all expressions involving parameters
are evaluated and replaced by their numerical values.
This translator can create other scalar models, e.g. AMPL scalar models. Since
there are no sets, indexed parameters and variables in the scalar models, most
of the differences between modeling languages have diappeared. Therefore, the GAMS
format can be easily transformed into another format (say AMPL).

The solution of a scalar GAMS model is identical to the solution of a corresponding scalar

AMPL model. The converter is implemented as a regular GAMS solver. Another possibility
to use this tool is an e-mail-based service: . Details about this service
can be found at the converter web site at