This web site contains executable versions of test problem included in the book C.A.Floudas, P.M. Pardalos et al. "Handbook of Test Problems in Local and Global Optimization" published by Kluwer Academic Publishers and in the book C.A. Floudas, P.M.Pardalos "A Collection of Test Problems for Constrained Global Optimization Algorithms".

These test problems are arising in literature studies and a wide spectrum of applications: pooling/blending operations problems, heat exchanger network synthesis problems, phase and chemical reaction equilibrium problems, robust stability analysis problems, batch plant design under uncertainty, chemical reactor network synthesis problems, parameter estimation and data reconcilliation problems, conformational problems in clusters of atoms and molecules, pump network synthesis problems, trim loss minimization problems, homogeneous azeotropic separation systems, dynamic optimization problems in reactor network synthesis parameter estimation.

The algebraic test problems are available in the AMPL modeling language.
All test problems can be downloaded from this web site. The files are organized by chapter, and links to each chapter in the book(s) are included below.

About AMPL

Quadratic Programming Problems 

Includes: Integer Programming problems, Quadratic Assignment problems, Maximum Clique problem

Quadratically Constrained Problems

Includes: Separable Quadratic constraints, Complementarity-type constraints, Integer-type constraints

Univariate Polynomial Problems

Bilinear Problems

Includes: Pooling and Blending problems, Separation Sequencing problems, Heat Exchanger Network Design problems, Multicommodity Network Flow problems

Biconvex and Difference of Convex Functions (D.C.) Problems

Includes:Phase and Chemical Equilibrium problems

Generalized Geometric Problems

Includes:Process Design problems, Stability Analysis problems

Twice Continuously Differentiable NLPs

Includes:Process Design problems, Phase and Chemical Equilibrium problems, Computational Chemistry problems, VLSI Chip Design problems, Portfolio Optimization problems

Bilevel Programming Problems

Includes: Various Economics, Civil Engineering and Chemical Engineering Problems

Complementarity Problems

Includes: Nash Equilibrium, Walrasian Equilibrium, and Traffic Assignment Problems

Semidefinite Programming Problems

Includes:Combinatorial Optimization problems, Control Theory problems

Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Programming Problems (MINLPs)

Includes:Process and Network Synthesis problems, Molecular Design problems

Combinatorial Optimization Problems

Includes:Satisfiability Problems, Traveling Salesman problem, Assignment problems, Graph Coloring problems, Maximum Clique problem, Steiner problems in Networks

Nonlinear Systems of Equations

Includes:Multiple Steady State Identification problems, Locating All Azeotropes problems

Dynamic Optimization Problems

Includes:Optimal Control problems, Parameter Estimation for Dynamic Models, Reactor Network Synthesis problems