will take in place in Strasbourg, Université Louis Pasteur, département de mathématique, 7 rue René-Descartes, F-67084 Strasbourg,

from Thursday May 9, 1996, 9 a.m. to Saturday May 11, 1996, 12 p.m.

under the theme

``Rota in Lotharingia"

The purpose is to celebrate Prof. Gian-Carlo Rota (M.I.T. and docteur honoris causa, Université Louis Pasteur) for his contributions to Classical, Algebraic and Analytical Combinatorics and related areas.

The list of invited speakers includes:

A traditional "diner aux asperges" is scheduled on Friday evening, May 10 (with the financial support of the participants). More details will be provided in later announcements.

Our purpose is to limit the number of talks and offer more time for discussions and idea exchanging. Participants are invited to submit written communications. The proceedings of the Seminaire will be published electronically in our Seminaire Lotharingien de Combinatoire.

Although the rencontre takes place in a city rather than in an Oberwolfach-like resort as usual, the lotharingian spirit will be preserved. Notice that participants are expected to arrive in Strasbourg on Wednesday May 8, in the evening and depart on Saturday May 11 at noon. Also beware that May 8 is a holiday in France and most shops will be closed. All lectures will be held at the Département de mathématique, Université Louis Pasteur, 7, rue René-Descartes, Strasbourg.

We have already reserved blocks of rooms in several hotels at a walking distance from the campus and very near the town center. To name a few: Hotel Gutenberg, Hotel 3 Roses, Hotel de l'Ill, Hotel Central and Hotel Patricia. The rate for low budget simple rooms (shower but no private toilet) is about 200F per night, shower+toilet ranges from 210F to 300F, bath+toilet ranges from 310F to 350F.

We urge you to


May is a month that already attracts many visitors to Strasbourg. Please use the ``Fiche de participation" and send it back either by email, fax or ordinary mail.

If you make your own hotel arrangement, be kind enough to send the ``Fiche de participation" by crossing out ``Hotel Reservation."

Registration and hotel reservation will be confirmed by return of mail.

The first list of attendees already includes:

Al Amrani, Dumont, Foata, Han, Jouanolou, Supper, Zeng (Strasbourg), Rota (Cambridge), Leroux, Reutenauer (Montreal), Helversen-Pasotto (Nice), Leidwander, Leclerc (Caen), Désarménien, Eppstein, Novelli, Picon, Thibon, Zhou (Marne-la-Vallée), Caddeo, Mureddu (Cagliari), Krattenthaler, Schlosser (Wien), Koenig, Strehl (Erlangen), Bousquet-Melou, Loeb, Viennot (Bordeaux), Dress, Siebeneicher (Bielefeld), Carré, Duchamp, Selmi (Rouen), Gaudier (Valenciennes), Barsky, Crapo, Kim, Lascoux, Rosenstiehl (Paris), Brenti (Perugia), Bonetti, Brini (Bologna), Kerber, Scharf (Bayreuth), Morris (Aberystwyth), Ghorpade (Bombay), Marini (Milano), Olsson (Copenhagen), Koolen (Oxford), Steingrimsson (Goteborg), Winkel (Aachen), Gropp (Heidelberg), Linusson (Stockholm), Buergisser (Zurich), Bessenrodt (Magdeburg), Pirillo (Firenze).

For any further discussion, hint or suggestion get in touch with Dominique Foata