Prepublication preparation for SLC

If an article is accepted for publication, it would save us a lot of time if the following checklist is gone through.
(It is the checklist that we go through. If you should already have done it, it would be great help for us.)
  1. There should be one TeX file, that is, the references should already be in the TeX file (no bib-file!), and please no separate files for each section! Of course, if you have separate figure files, this is totally okay.
  2. The article must be in 12pt.
  3. The paper size should not be exceedingly large.
    (textwidth 16cm=6.3in and textheight 23cm=9in are maxima.)
  4. Replace \date{...} by \date{}.
    (No date should show up.)
  5. Look through the file whether you discover any


    (as a result of email transmission.)

  6. Run the file through a spelling checker. Experience shows that it always finds something.
  7. If you write in English, be aware of conventions and meanings of words in English: for example,
  8. Do not use abbreviations such as "iff", "rhs", "resp.", "w.r.t.", etc. Use "if and only if", "right-hand side", "respectively", "with respect to", etc., instead.
  9. If you use LaTeX (as, of course, most do nowadays), then, please, do not use LaTeX's "article" format


    It looks terrible with all these huge white spaces and letters.
    Instead we recommend the AmS-LaTeX article format


    (unless you have something even more beautiful).

  10. In order to avoid inappropiate line breaks, one should use "~" wherever it is necessary. For example, one should write


    instead of "Section 5", and one should write


    instead of "Theorem \ref{...}", etc.

  11. In general, do not use


    It looks terrible. Instead use






  12. Do not use "align" in the form

    LHS1 =& RHS1 \\
    LHS2 =& RHS2 \\

    it generates a wrong spacing. Instead use it in the form

    LHS1 &= RHS1 \\
    LHS2 &= RHS2 \\

  13. The reason of warnings of the kind

    Package amsmath Warning: Foreign command \over;
    (amsmath) \frac or \genfrac should be used instead
    (amsmath) on input line 150.

    is that, in AmS-LaTeX, one should use

    \frac {numerator} {denominator}

    instead of

    {numerator \over denominator} ,


    \binom {upper} {lower}

    instead of

    {upper \choose lower} ,


    \begin{bmatrix} upper \\ lower \end{bmatrix}

    instead of

    {upper \brack lower} .

  14. Follow a convention, and follow only one convention, when you write the references. It is not important which convention you choose, but, please, do not write things like

    1. I.G. Macdonald, Affine root systems and Dedekind's eta-function Invent. Math. 15 (1972), 91-143.
    2. Macdonald, I. G. Some conjectures for root systems, SIAM J. Math. Anal. 13:988-1007, 1982.

    (This makes at least 5 inconsistencies.)

Thank you very much in advance!