Séminaire Lotharingien de Combinatoire

Issue 24

6 - 9 May 1990, Liebfrauenberg, Alsace


[B24a] Guo-Niu Han
Escaliers Évalués et nombres classiques (9 pp.)
[B24b] Doron Zeilberger
Three Recitations on Holonomic Systems and Hypergeometric Series (28 pp.)
[B24c] Luigi Cerlienco and Marina Mureddu
Algoritmi combinatori per l'interpolazione polinomiale in dimensione >= 2 (37 pp.)
[B24d] Dominique Dumont and Jiang Zeng
A Note on the Euler and Genocchi Numbers
[B24e] Jiang Zeng
The q-Stirling Numbers, Continued Fractions and the q-Charlier and q-Laguerre Polynomials