Séminaire Lotharingien de Combinatoire

Issue 34

12 - 16 March 1995, Saint-Nabor, Ottrott, France

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Description of the fifteen groups of the EEC Network on Algebraic Combinatorics:

[B34a] O. Delgado Friedrichs, A. Dress, D. Huson
Tilings and Symbols: a Report on the Uses of Symbolic Calculation in Tiling Theory (16 pp.)
[B34b] Andreas Dress, Vincent Moulton, Werner Terhalle
T-Theory (23 pp.)
[B34c] Christine Bessenrodt, J.B. Olsson
Heights of Spin Characters in Characteristic 2 (22 pp.)
[B34d] Lee Hawkins
Constructing Irreducible Representations of Weyl Groups (19 pp.)
[B34e] L. Cerlienco, M. Mureddu and F. Piras
Combinatorial-Algebraic Techniques in Gröbner Bases Theory (15 pp.)
[B34f] Robert Stoyan, Volker Strehl
Enumeration of Hamiltonian Circuits in Rectangular Grids (21 pp.)
[B34g] Alain Lascoux, Bernard Leclerc and Jean-Yves Thibon
Ribbon tableaux, Hall-Littlewood functions and unipotent varieties (23 pp.)
[B34h] Jürgen Richter-Gebert
Mnëv's Universality Theorem Revisited (15 pp.)
[B34i] Christian Krattenthaler
Counting Nonintersecting Lattice Paths With Turns (17 pp.)
[B34j] Adalbert Kerber
Algebraic Combinatorics in Bayreuth (18 pp.)
[B34k] Dominique Foata, Christian Krattenthaler
Graphical Major Indices, II (16 pp.)
[B34l] Kimmo Eriksson, Svante Linusson
The Size of Fulton's Essential Set (19 pp.)
[B34m] Mohamed El Marraki, Alexander Zvonkin
Compositions des Cartes et Hypercartes (18 pp.)