Séminaire Lotharingien de Combinatoire

Issue 36

March 19-22, 1996, Thurnau, Oberfranken, Germany


[B36a] Peter Bürgisser and Michael Clausen
Algebraische Komplexitätstheorie I - Eine Einführung (18 pp.)
[B36b] Peter Bürgisser
Algebraische Komplexitätstheorie II - Schnelle Matrixmultiplikation und Kombinatorik (16 pp.)
[B36c] Michael Clausen
Algebraische Komplexitätstheorie III - Zur Berechnungskomplexität von Permanenten (16 pp.)
[B36d] Mikhail Klin, Valery Liskovets and Reinhard Pöschel
Analytical Enumeration of Circulant Graphs with Prime-Squared Number od Vertices (36 pp.)
[B36e] Christian Krattenthaler
Some q-Analogues of Determinant Identities Which Arose in Plane Partition Enumeration (23 pp.)
[B36f] Ulrich Krüger
An Extreme Point Theorem for Ordered Polymatroids on Chain Orders (8 pp.)
[B36g] Brian G.Wybourne
Plethysms and the Non-Compact Groups Sp(2n,R) (5 pp.)
[B36h] Rudolf Winkel
A Combinatorial Bijection Between Standard Young Tableaux and Reduced Words of Grassmannian Permutations (24 pp.)

Research Annoncement

[B36z] S.-G.Hwang and A.R.Kräuter
A Comparison of Two Upper Bounds for the Permanent of (0,1)-Matrices (10pp.)