Séminaire Lotharingien de Combinatoire

Issue 39

27 - 30 April 1997, Schloss Thurnau


[B39a] Rudolf Winkel
Schubert Functions and the Number of Reduced Words of Permutations (28 pp.)
[B39b] Wolfgang Müller
Group Actions on Magic Squares (14 pp.)
[B39c] Roland Speicher (Survey paper, on special invitation)
Free Probability Theory and Non-Crossing Partitions (38pp.)
[B39d] Dominique Foata and Guo-Niu Han
Inverses of Words (8pp.)
[B39e] Bernd Fiedler
An Algorithm for the Decomposition of Ideals of the Group Ring of a Symmetric Group (26pp.)
[B39f] Helmut Krämer
Inversion of Incidence Mappings (20pp.)