Séminaire Lotharingien de Combinatoire, B44pref (2000), 1 p.

Christian Krattenthaler


The 44th Meeting of the Séminare Lotharingien de Combinatoire took place from March 6 to March 9, 2000 in the splendid Domaine Saint-Jacques on a small mountain not far from Strasbourg. As was the case for previous meetings at this place, all participants enjoyed (I mean, in addition to the talks, of course) the pleasant atmosphere, the meals (!), and the evenings with music, even if it cannot be denied that the piano needs some serious overhaul now ...

The main talks were given by PIERRE CARTIER (École Normale Supérieure) and HERB WILF (University of Pennsylvania). Pierre Cartier presented us a beautiful introduction into the fascinating world of "Multizeta values and shuffle algebra". It is unfortunate that no written version is available. Herb Wilf on the other hand presented, in his distinctive elegant style, "Recent results on integer partitions". You are invited to consult these lecture notes and this article for written material.

Further talks were given by:

The complete list of participants was the following:

Pierre Cartier (Bures-sur-Yvette), Herb Wilf (Philadelphia), Theresia Eisenkölbl, Christian Krattenthaler (Wien), A. Al Amrani, D. Foata, G.-N. Han, J.-P. Jouanolou, Christophe Reutenauer (Strasbourg), D. Barsky, Georges Racinet (Paris), J. Désarménien, F. Hivert, A. Lascoux, A. Micheli, P.-A. Picon, J.-Y. Thibon, F. Toumazet, Marc Zipstein (Marne-la-Vallée), Hoang Ngoc Minh, Jean-Christophe Novelli (Lille), Amitai Regev (Rehovot), Gilles Schaeffer (Nancy), Bodo Lass (Aachen), Helmut Krämer (Hamburg), Xavier Viennot, Alexander Zvonkin (Bordeaux), Francesco Brenti, Claudia Malvenuto, Paolo Papi (Roma), B. Leclerc, Philippe Toffin (Caen), Sylvie Corteel (Orsay), Einar Steingrímsson (Göteborg), F. Jouhet, G. Ksavrelof (Lyon), G. Pirillo (Firenze), R. König, V. Strehl (Erlangen), A. Kerber (Bayreuth), G. Duchamp, Jean-Gabriel Luque (Rouen), Marilena Barnabei, Flavio Bonetti (Bologna), Peter Kirschenhofer (Leoben), Marko Petkovsek (Ljubljana), Henri Gaudier (Valenciennes), Marc van Leeuwen (Poitiers), Burkhard Zimmermann (Linz), Maria Formisano (Napoli), Thorsten Bauer, Armin Jöllenbeck (Kiel), Volkmar Welker (Marburg), Bernd Fiedler (Leipzig).