Séminaire Lotharingien de Combinatoire

Issue 46

March 18-21, 2001, Lyon


[B46a] Helmut Prodinger
On a Functional-Difference Equation of Runyon, Morrison, Carlitz, and Riordan (4 pp.)
[B46b] Elena Barcucci, Elisa Pergola, Renzo Pinzani and Simone Rinaldi
ECO Method and Hill-free Generalized Motzkin Paths (14 pp.)
[B46c] Theresia Eisenkölbl
2-Enumerations of Halved Alternating Sign Matrices (11 pp.)
[B46d] Mark Skandera
An Eulerian Partner for Inversions (19 pp.)
[B46e] Grigori Olshanski and Amitai Regev
Random Young Tableaux and Combinatorial Identities (30 pp.)
[B46f] Igor Pak
Hook Length Formula and Geometric Combinatorics (13 pp.)
[B46g] Toufik Mansour
Pattern Avoidance in Coloured Permutations (12 pp.)
[B46h] Jim Pitman
Random Mappings, Forests, and Subsets Associated with Abel-Cayley-Hurwitz Multinomial Expansions (45 pp.)
[B46i] F. Ben saïd and Jean-Louis Nicolas
Even Partition Functions (25 pp.)