Séminaire Lotharingien de Combinatoire

Issue 50

March 23 - 27, 2003, Domaine Saint-Jacques, Ottrott

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[B50a] Dominique Foata
The Lotharingian Impact on Combinatorial Mathematics: Myth or Reality? (15 pp.)
[B50b] Alun O. Morris and Huw I. Jones
Projective Representations of Generalized Symmetric Groups (27 pp.)
[B50c] Vic Reiner, Dennis Stanton and Volkmar Welker
The Charney-Davis Quantity For Certain Graded Posets (13 pp.)
[B50d] Richard P. Stanley
Irreducible Symmetric Group Characters of Rectangular Shape (11 pp.)
[B50e] Bernard Leclerc
A Littlewood-Richardson Rule for Evaluation Representations of Uq(\hat sln) (12 pp.)
[B50f] Helmut Prodinger (Semi-expository Paper)
The Kernel Method: A Collection of Examples (19 pp.)
[B50g] Aaron Robertson (Semi-expository Paper)
Restricted Permutations from Catalan to Fine and Back (13 pp.)
[B50h] Edward E. Bender, Gregory F. Lawler, Robin Pemantle and Herbert S. Wilf
Irreducible Compositions and the First Return to the Origin of a Random Walk (13 pp.)
[B50i] Alain Lascoux
SCHUBERT & GROTHENDIECK: Un bilan bidécennal (32 pp.)
[B50j] Adriano Garsia and Nolan Wallach
Some New Applications of Orbit Hamonics (47 pp.)