Séminaire Lotharingien de Combinatoire

Issue 52

March 28 - 31, 2004, Domaine Saint-Jacques, Ottrott


Regular papers

[B52a] Alain Lascoux
Addition of +-1: Application to Arithmetic (9 pp.)
[B52b] Markus Fulmek
Nonintersecting Lattice Paths on the Cylinder (16 pp.)
[B52c] Christine Bessenrodt and Jørn B. Olsson
On Character Tables Related to the Alternating Groups (8 pp.)

The LascouxFest (invited papers)

[B52d] Piotr Pragacz (Expository Paper)
Architectonique des formules préférées d'Alain Lascoux (39 pp.)
[B52e] François Bergeron and François Lamontagne
Decomposition of the Diagonal Action of Sn on the Coinvariant Space of Sn x Sn (24 pp.)
[B52f] Marc Fortin and Christophe Reutenauer
Commutative/Noncommutative Rank of Linear Matrices and Subspaces of Matrices of Low Rank (11 pp.)
[B52g] Alun O. Morris and Patrick Mwamba
Macdonald Representations of Complex Reflection Groups (17 pp.)
[B52h] Michel Lassalle
Some Conjectures for Macdonald Polynomials of Type B, C, D (24 pp.)
[B52i] Christian Krattenthaler
Asymptotics for random walks in alcoves of affine Weyl groups (72 pp.)