Séminaire Lotharingien de Combinatoire

Issue 55

September 25 - 28, 2005, Centro Residenziale Universitario di Bertinoro


[B55a] Alois Panholzer and Helmut Prodinger
Computer-free Evaluation of an Infinite Double Sum via Euler Sums (3 pp.)
[B55b] Chak-On Chow
On Derangement Polynomials of Type B (6 pp.)
[B55c] S. Pirzada and U. Samee
Mark Sequences in Digraphs (13 pp.)
[B55d] Philippe Biane
On the Formula of Goulden and Rattan for Kerov Polynomials (5 pp.)
[B55e] Roland Bacher and Gilles Schaeffer
On Generating Series of Coloured Planar Trees (20 pp.)
[B55f] Frédéric Chapoton
Sur le nombre d'intervalles dans les treillis de Tamari (18 pp.)
[B55g] Andrea Brini (Expository Paper)
Combinatorics, Superalgebras, Invariant Theory and Representation Theory (117 pp.)