Séminaire Lotharingien de Combinatoire

Issue 56

April 9 - 12, 2006, Haus Schönenberg, Ellwangen


[B56a] Thomas W. Müller (Expository Paper)
Character Theory of Symmetric Groups, Analysis of Long Relators, and Random Walks (32 pp.)
[B56b] Carsten Schneider (Expository Paper)
Symbolic Summation Assists Combinatorics (36 pp.)
[B56c] Jim Haglund and Laura Stevens
An Extension of the Foata Map to Standard Young Tableaux (15 pp.)
[B56d] Eli Bagno, David Garber and Toufik Mansour
Excedance Number for Involutions in Complex Reflection Groups (11 pp.)
[B56e] Johan Thapper
Refined Counting of Fully Packed Loop Configurations (27 pp.)
[B56f] Gregg Musiker
Combinatorial Aspects of Elliptic Curves (31 pp.)