Welcome to webpage of the Research Group on

Applied Mathematics and Modeling

Our research is focusing on modeling and analysis issues with applications in Physics and Engineering. We are interested in models in Materials Science, from the atomic to the macroscale, as well as on evolution problems. The involved mathematics falls often within the frame of the calculus of variations and partial differential equations. Further details can be found on our research webpage.


[05.05.17] 2 Postodoctoral positions available! These positions are related to Paolo Piovano's new projects. All infos here.

[06.04.17] David Melching is now officially associated to our Doctoral School.

[15.01.17] Elisa Davoli starts today as University Assistant at our Faculty!

[22.12.16] .. and Santa strikes again! Paolo Piovano receives also a WWTF Mathematics and .. grant on Modelling and Design of Epitaxially Strained Nanoislands. Double good-job Paolo!

[05.12.16] Santa is still around. Paolo Piovano receives a FWF-Stand-Alone grant on Optimal Shapes of Crystal Interfaces! Good job Paolo!

[01.12.16] Santa was early this year!
Our big SFB-Special Research Program Taming Complexity in Partial Differential Systems AND the prolongation of the DK-Doctoral School Dissipation and dispersion in nonlinear partial differential equations have both been accepted by the FWF!

[29.10.16] Our proposal for an Oberwolfach Workshop on "Emergence of Structures in Particle Systems: Mechanics, Analysis and Computation" in 2018 has been accepted!

[29.09.16] Diego Grandi will move to the University of Ferrara on a tenure-track (Ricercatore RTD-b)! Congratulations Diego!

[29.08.16] Manuel Friedrich receives a Feodor-Lynen stipendium from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation!

[30.05.16] Our ESI Thematic Program starts today! Check it out here

[02.05.16] David Melching joins the group. He has a doctoral position funded by our FWF Joint International Project Variational structures in thermomechanics of solids.

[16.03.16] Diego Grandi has obtained his Habilitation in Mathematics today! Congratulations Diego!

[26.01.16] The website of our FWF project Global variational methods for evolution equations is online.

[21.01.16] Check out the Thematic Program Nonlinear Flows which we are organizing at the Schrödinger Institute this year!

[22.12.15] The website of our WWTF project Variational modeling of carbon nanostructures is online.

[23.11.15] We have a new opening for a PhD position beginning March 2016 or as soon as possible thereafter, deadline 22.12.2015.

[13.11.15] Manuel Friedrich receives one of the three Preise der Stiftung der Universität Augsburg for 2015!

[12.11.15] Our collaboration with Prague is now funded by the FWF Joint International Project Variational structures in thermomechanics of solids in combination with a WTZ scientific and technological cooperation project of the OeAD!

[07.09.15] Ulisse Stefanelli receives the Calogero Vinti Prize 2015 of the Unione Matematica Italiana.

[02.09.15] First CENTRAL school and workshop. Check it here.

[01.08.15] CENTRAL Project Analysis and Numerics for PDEs funded!
This is a networking initiative between the Humboldt University in Berlin, the Charles University in Prague, and the University of Vienna. It is funded by DAAD and co-funded by the three Universities.

[02.07.15] Elisa Boatti (Pavia) receives a Ernst-Mach Grant to visit the group from June to November 2016.

[01.06.15] Elisa Davoli (FWF Postdoc) joins the group.

[01.03.15] Manuel Friedrich (WWTF Postdoc) and Edoardo Mainini (FWF Lise-Meitner) join the group.

[14.10.14] New WWTF project on Variational modeling of carbon nanostructures granted!

[15.07.14] New FWF project on Global variational methods for nonlinear evolution granted!

[15.07.14] Edoardo Mainini receives a FWF Lise-Meitner Fellowship on Crystal Ordering and Dynamics of Interacting Particles. He will join the Group from March 2015.