In the frame of classical multi-body interaction potentials, we are interested in deriving rigorous crystallization results. By combining discrete, analytical, and computational techniques, our aim is that of investigating the local and global geometry of ground state configuration. The idea is that of predicting the emergence of higher level structures and investigate their corresponding properties.

This research line is currently funded by the WWTF grant Variational modeling of carbon nanostructures.

Latest paper

E. Mainini, H. Murakawa, P. Piovano, U. Stefanelli
Carbon-nanotube geometries as optimal configurations
Submitted, 2016


The modeling of novel multifunctional materials such as shape-memory and magnetostrictive alloys is often very challenging due to the multiplicity of physical effects that have to be taken into the picture. Our focus here is to advance effective and reliable constitutive models for the complex behavior of such materials and analyze the corresponding mathematical formulations from the analytic and the numerical viewpoint.

This research line is currently funded by the Joint FWF-GACR FWF-GACR Joint International Project Variational structures in thermomechanics of solids in combination with a WTZ scientific and technological cooperation project of the OeAD.

Latest paper

D. Grandi, U. Stefanelli
Finite plasticity in $P^T P$. Part II: quasistatic evolution and linearization
SIAM J. Math. Anal. to appear (2017) (pdf)

Evolution equations

We are interested in the many aspects of the analysis of nonlinear evolution equations, mostly of parabolic type. Rate-independent models, often suggested by thermomechanical applications, are considered along with their approximations. We have recently turned attention also to the possibility of formulating suitable global variational principle for evolution.

This research line is currently funded by the FWF grant GloVE: Global variational methods for nonlinear evolution.

Latest paper

G. Akagi, U. Stefanelli
Nondecreasing solutions to doubly-nonlinear equations
Submitted, 2017