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2017-10-02 Evaluation results of all my spring term courses online.
Aug. 2016 I have been interviewd by the university magazine UNI:VIEW about my student days. Here is the article (sorry German only) Wer lehrt, hat auch einmal studiert (Teil 17).
July 2016 The article The Penrose singularity theorem in regularity C^{1,1} by M. Kunzinger, J. Vickers and myself has been featured as one of the highligths 2015 in Mathematical Relativity by Classical and Quantum Gravity.
2016-06-13 Hermann Schichl and myself received the National Awad in University Teaching (Ars docendi---Staatspreis für exzellente Lehre) for our project "Einführung in das mathematische Arbeiten" (Introduction to working mathematically). Further informations are available at the Ministry of Science and the University homepage.

Who I am and what I do

Roland Steinbauer I am a mathematician and mathematical physicist at the Faculty of Mathematics at the University of Vienna. I am a member of the research group DiANA (Differential Algebras and Nonlinear Analysis) in the analysis and geometry section of the department.

Also I am member and Executive Editor of the International Association for Generalized Functions (IAGF) and a member of The International Society for Analysis, its Applications and Computation (ISAAC).

My research interests include:
  • mathematical general relativity
  • algebras of generalized functions
    and their applications in geometry and mathematical physics
  • nonlinear PDE/kinetic theory
  • time frequency analysis/modulation spaces

My teaching includes a variety of courses in several areas of mathematics reaching from general first-year-courses to specialized courses and seminars in analysis, PDE and geometry.

I have co-authored the general introductory book Einführung in das Mathematische Arbeiten (German, Inroduction to working mathematically) with Hermann Schichl. Together we are running a service web page accompanying the book.

Contact information

Mailing Address Fakultät für Mathematik, Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1, 1090 Wien, Austria
Office OMP1, Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1, Room 10.126
Office Hours by appointment
Phone (+43 1) 4277-50682
Fax (+43 1) 4277-9506
E-Mail roland.steinbauer@univie.ac.at
www http://www.mat.univie.ac.at/~stein (personal page), official university page