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Wissenschaftskolleg (PhD program) Differential Equations
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Differential Equation Models in Science and Engineering

A Wissenschaftskolleg (Graduiertenkolleg, PhD program) supported by the Austrian Science Fund

18-02-2011: Congratulations to Samuel Ferraz-Leite for his successful defense!
25-06-2010: Congratulations to Gonca Aki for her successful defense!
16-12-2009: Congratulations to Sabine Hittmeir for her successful defense!
30-11-2009: Former WK student Marcus Wunsch receives the Award of Excellence 2009
15-06-2009: Congratulations to Carola Schoenlieb for her successful defense!
24-04-2009: Congratulations to Georg Meyer for his successful defense!
13-03-2009: Congratulations to Marcus Wunsch for his successful defense!
20-02-2009: Congratulations to Franz Achleitner for his successful defense!
29-09-2008: Congratulations to Saber Trabelsi for his successful defense!
11-01-2008: Congratulations to Jan Haskovec for his successful defense!
22-11-2007: WK-student Ilona Gucwa receives the the 3rd Prize of Polish Mathematical Society in the competition for The Best Master Thesis in Probability Theory and Applied Mathematics.
21-10-2007: some schools 2008: Topics in PDEs (Granada, April 7-11), Topics in PDEs (Barcelona, May 5-9),
Nonlinear PDEs (Louvain-La-Neuve, May 26-30), Methods and Models of Kinetic Theory (Porto Ercole, June 8-14)
25-07-2007: WK-graduate Rada Weishäupl receives a l'Oreal-scholarship
25-06-2007: Congratulations to Dietmar Ölz for his successfull defense!
19-03-2007: Congratulations to Alexander Soreff for his successfull defense!
12-03-2007: WK-graduate Hannelore Brandt receives the Laudimaxima prize of the University of Vienna
30-01-2007: Congratulations to Barbara Forster for her successfull defense!
26-01-2007: Congratulations to Rada Weishäupl for her successfull defense!
07-11-2006: WK funding etxended until February 2010. 4 new advisors.
Report in ORF ON: Es lohnt sich, Mathematik zu studieren

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