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Wissenschaftskolleg (PhD program) Differential Equations
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The WK-PhD is a doctoral diploma granted by the general assembly of the WK Differential Equations to graduates of the PhD-schools at the University of Vienna and the Vienna University of Technology. Necessary requirement is the participation in the WK-program according to the following rules: The scientific work of the students will be guided by their advisors. Besides, it will be monitored by the co-advisors whom the students have to report to at least once per semester within the frame of the Student-Seminar.

Advanced Courses with General Content

Title Lecturer Time, Location Semester
Applied Analysis N. Mauser   SS 10
Advanced Numerics for PDEs N. Mauser   SS 10
Calculus of Variations A. Arnold   SS 10
Dimensional Analysis A. Kluwick   SS 10

Specialized Courses

Title Lecturer Time, Location Semester
Nonlinear PDEs A. Jüngel   SS 10