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Wissenschaftskolleg (PhD program) Differential Equations
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General Assembly
Governing body of the WK consisting of the scientists in charge.

Executive Board
Christian Schmeiser (speaker of the WK)
Peter A. Markowich (deputy speaker of the WK)
Norbert J. Mauser

Julia Cheng
Please send all your requests concerning administrative purposes to the following Emailaddress:
or by mail to:
WissenschaftsKolleg (Fakultät für Mathematik)
Garnisongasse 3/14
Zi: O3.52
A-1090 Wien

Travel reimbursement forms: TU, UNI

Just for Members at the TU:
Since 01.04.2009 the application for travel is managed by the so called "ESS-SAP-Reisemanagement"-system ESS. As a TU-student you have access to the system. Please fill out the form "Reiseantrag" which will electronically be approved by your superior and send it together with the completed Travel reimbursement form to the WK Administration.
If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me.