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Time Location Speaker Title
28-10-04, 14:30 WK seminar room, Nordbergstr. 15 Shun-Yin Chu
Some Progress on Prandtl's System
21-10-04, 16:00 WK seminar room, Nordbergstr. 15 Klemens Fellner
(Univ. Wien)
Entropy methods in diffusive systems
07-10-04, 16:00 WK seminar room, Nordbergstr. 15 Luis Caffarelli
(Univ. of Texas at Austin)
On obstacle problems for fractional powers of the Laplacian
07-10-04, 15:00 WK seminar room, Nordbergstr. 15 Martin Wechselberger
(Ohio State Univ.)
Calcium signals in excitable and non-excitable cells
30-09-04, 16:45 Seminar room, Nordbergstr. 15 Christian Schmeiser
(TU Wien)
Kinetic and macroscopic models of cell aggregation by chemotaxis
30-09-04, 15:45 Seminar room, Nordbergstr. 15 Peter Lax
(Univ. New York)
Mathematics and Computing
25-06-04, 10:00 Seminar room, Wiedner Hauptstr. 8-10, 4th floor (green) Karol Mikula
Partial differential equations and numerical methods in image processing and computer vision
17-06-04, 15:00 WK seminar room, Nordbergstrasse 15 Martin Burger
(U California)
Level set methods for direct and inverse obstacle problems
13-05-04, 14:00 WK seminar room, Nordbergstrasse 15 Fadi Dohnal
(TU Wien)
Suppression of self-excited vibrations by parametric excitation in a two degree of freedom system
29-04-04, 13:30 WK seminar room, Nordbergstrasse 15 Clement Mouhot
(ENS Lyon)
Trend to equilibrium for the Boltzmann equation - linear and non-linear approaches
18-12-03, 15:15 Zeichensaal 1, Wiedner Hauptstr. 8-10, 8th floor (green) Norayr Matevoseyan
(RICAM Linz)
C^1,1 regularity of the solutions of certain free boundary problems
11-12-03, 14:00 Zeichensaal 1, Wiedner Hauptstr. 8-10, 8th floor (green) Hendrik Kuhlmann
(TU Wien)
Pattern formation in vortex flows driven by surface forces
09-12-03, 16:00 Seminar room, Boltzmanngasse 9 Remi Carles
(Univ. Bordeaux)
Changing blow-up time in nonlinear Schrödinger equations
06-11-03, 14:30 Seminar room, Boltzmanngasse 9 Jean Dolbeault
(Paris IX-Dauphine)
New results on (linear) entropy methods
30-10-03, 14:00 Seminar room, Wiedner Hauptstr. 8-10, 4th floor (green) Reinhard Bürger
(Univ. Wien)
Genetic models of frequency-dependent selection
16-10-03, 15:15 Seminar room, Boltzmanngasse 9 Norayr Matevosyan
(RICAM Linz)
Free boundaries and some applications to superconductivity problems
02-10-03, 14:00 Seminar room, Wiedner Hauptstr. 8-10, 4th floor (green) Peter Szmolyan
(TU Wien)
Spectral stability of shock waves
03-07-03, 14:30 Seminar room, Wiedner Hauptstr. 8-10, 4th floor (green) Shu Wang
(Univ. Wien)
Quasineutral limit of Euler-Poisson system with and without viscosity
26-06-03, 15:20 Seminar room, Wiedner Hauptstr. 8-10, 4th floor (green) Jan Haskovec (Prague) Transport in semiconductors with saturated velocities
26-06-03, 14:30 Seminar room, Wiedner Hauptstr. 8-10, 4th floor (green) Peter Markowich Highly oscillatory PDEs
05-06-03, 14:45 Seminar room, Wiedner Hauptstr. 8-10, 4th floor (green) Marco Di Francesco (Univ. l'Aquila) Entropy dissipation and Wasserstein metric for the viscous Burgers equations
04-06-03, 16:00 Seminar room, Boltzmanngasse 9 Simone Calogero (WPI, Wien) The Nordstrom-Vlasov system
28-05-03, 16:00 Seminar room, Boltzmanngasse 9, Sigmund Selberg (Univ.Wien) Regularity properties of the Dirac-Maxwell system and applications to the nonrelativistic limit
06-05-03, 15:00 Seminar room, Boltzmanngasse 9, Jose Carrillo (Univ.Granada) Recent advances on Entropy Methods
20-02-03, 14:30 Seminar room, Wiedner Hauptstr. 8-10, 6th floor (green) Carlota Cuesta (Univ. Amsterdam) A model problem for groundwater flow with dynamic capillary pressure: long time behavior
16-01-03, 14:30 Seminar room, Boltzmanngasse 9 Alla Gousenkova (Kazan) A mathematical approach for solving some boundary value problems of elasticity theory
19-12-02, 14:00 Seminar room, Boltzmanngasse 9 Michael Kunzinger (Univ. Wien) Global weak solutions of the relativistic Vlasov-Klein-Gordon System
10-12-02, 15:00 Seminar room, Boltzmanngasse 9 Giuseppe Toscani (Univ. Pavia) Kinetic models of quasi elastic granular flows
14-11-02, 14:00 Seminar room, Wiedner Hauptstr. 8-10, 6th floor (green) Fabio Chalub (Univ. Wien) Kinetic models for chemotaxis and their drift-diffusion limit
27-06-02, 14:30 ESI Lecture hall, Boltzmanngasse 9 Peter Markowich (Univ. Wien) Entropy dissipation methods for diffusive systems
26-06-02, 17:15 Strudlhofgasse 4, 1st floor Martin Nowak (IAS, Princeton) Computational and Evolutionary Aspects of Language
24-05-02, 13:30 Seminar room 115, Wiedner Hauptstr. 8-10, 4rd floor (green) Angela Kunoth (Univ. Bonn) Wavelet Methods for Linear Statinary Partial Differential Equations
30-11-01, 10:00 Seminar room 115, Wiedner Hauptstr. 8-10, 4th floor (green) Naoufel Ben Abdallah (Univ. Paul Sabatier, Toulouse) Quantum Confinement and Classical Transport: Subband Models
29-11-01, 15:00 Seminar room 325, Wiedner Hauptstr. 8-10, 3rd floor (yellow) Hailiang Li (Univ. Wien) Asymptotic behavior of hydrodynamical models for semiconductors
29-11-01, 14:30 Seminar room 325, Wiedner Hauptstr. 8-10, 3rd floor (yellow) Qiangchang Ju (Univ. Wien) The rate of convergence to equilibrium for Fokker-Plank type equations
29-11-01, 14:00 Seminar room 325, Wiedner Hauptstr. 8-10, 3rd floor (yellow) Shu Wang (Univ. Wien) Some Mathematical Analysis Results on Quasi-hydrodynamic Models
26-11-01, 17:15 Zeichensaal 3, Wiedner Hauptstr. 8-10, 7th floor Ernst Peter Stephan (IfAM Univ. Hannover) New Trends in Boundary Element Methods
01-06-01, 14:00 Seminar room, Boltzmanngasse 9 Alex Mahalov (Arizona State University) Fast Singular Oscillating Limits for 3D Primitive Equations of Geophysics
14-03-01, 11:00 ESI lecture hall Piotr Biler (Wroclaw) Steady states and asymptotics for Streater's energy-transport models, preprints (Dolbeault's preprint page)

Student Seminar

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Time Speaker Title
16-12-04, 16:00 Christian Bayer SDEs in infinite dimensions
16-12-04, 15:30 Barbara Forster Introduction to SDEs and cubature formulas
02-12-04, 15:30 Rada Weishäupl Anisotropic Sobolev embedding
25-11-04, 16:00 Michael Lohwasser A numerical approach to resonant tunelling via the S-P-Xalpha equation
25-11-04, 15:30 Lukas Neumann Explicit bounds for solutions of linear transport equations
18-11-04, 16:00 Alexander Soreff The cubature method on Wiener space
18-11-04, 15:30 Vera Miljanovic Derivation of the Shockley-Read-Hall model for recombination-generation in semiconductors
04-11-04, 16:00 Dietmar Ölz On a nonlinear relaxation-time-approximation Boltzmann-type equation
04-11-04, 15:30 Jan Haskovec Anisotropic generalizations of the Sobolev and Morrey embedding theorems
22-01-04, 14:30 Christoph Sparber Semiclassical asymptotics for weakly nonlinear Bloch waves
15-01-04, 15:15 Dietmar Ölz Modelling and Simulation of Leukocyte Chemotaxis
15-01-04, 14:30 Rada Bombosi Dimension Reduction of GPE with Well Prepared Initial Data, Rigorous Proof
08-01-04, 15:15 Alexander Soreff Leukocyte chemotaxis
08-01-04, 14:30 Yasmin Dolak More about the Keller-Segel model with small diffusivity
18-12-03, 14:30 Alla Gousenkova Dimension reduction for pendulum systems
04-12-03, 14:30 Vera Miljanovic On a semiconductor model including recombination via distributed traps
20-11-03, 15:15 Lukas Neumann Regularity transport for a simple inhomogeneous kinetic model
20-11-03, 14:30 Hannelore Brandt Indirect reciprocity among imperfect individuals and tempted discriminator
13-11-03, 15:15 Nikolaus Viertl (Non-classical) shocks in two-layer flows - analytical results and numerical experiments
13-11-03, 14:30 Hans Peter Stimming Numerical study of the Davey-Stewartson sytem
03-07-03, 14:00 Yasmin Dolak The Keller-Segel model with small diffusivity
26-06-03, 14:00 Rada Bombosi Dimension reduction of the Gross-Pitaevskii Equation, analytical results and numerical analyses
05-06-03, 14:00 Alla Gousenkova String pendulum: mathematical formulation of the problem
22-05-03, 14:45 Christoph Sparber Remarks on the semiclassical asymptotics of the Dirac-Maxwell system
22-05-03, 14:00 Rada Bombosi Dimension reduction for the Gross-Pitaevskii equation
08-05-03, 14:00 Vera Miljanovic Convergence to equilibrium for a linearized cometary flow model
10-04-03, 14:45 Lukas Neumann Wasserstein-distance and solutions of regularized VP
10-04-03, 14:00 Hannelore Brandt Indirect reciprocity
03-04-03, 14:45 Nikolaus Viertl Shallow water flow
03-04-03, 14:00 Hans Peter Stimming The Schrödinger Poisson X-alpha equation: 3-d numerics on parallel architecture
23-01-03, 15:15 Yasmin Dolak A kinetic theory approach to resolving the chemotactic wave paradox
23-01-03, 14:30 Rada Bombosi On the paper "Stability and Instability of Standing Waves for the Nonlinear
Schrödinger Equation with Harmonic Potential" by Reika Fukuizumi
19-12-02, 15:15 Andrey Nechaev Dynamics of Double Spring Pendulum
12-12-02, 15:15 Lukas Neumann  
12-12-02, 14:30 Hannelore Brandt Imitation dynamics for optional public goods games
05-12-02, 15:00 Christoph Sparber WKB-Approach to the Dirac-Maxwell system: First steps
28-11-02, 15:15 Nikolaus Viertl Two layer flow - admissible classical and non-classical shocks
28-11-02, 14:30 Hans Peter Stimming Semi-classical Schrödinger equations with harmonic potential and nonlinear perturbation
14-11-02, 14:45 Rada Bombosi Classification of Symmetries in Linear Elasticity
07-11-02, 15:15 Christoph Maschler Scattering of two atoms in a highly elongated cigar shaped trap
07-11-02, 14:30 Vera Miljanovic Continuity at the boundary of solutions to the Dirichlet problem for Navier-Stokes equations in a nonsmooth domain
16-05-02, 15:00 Nikola Popovic Geometric analysis of the singularly perturbed planar fold
16-05-02, 14:00 Andrey Nechaev Long-time behaviour of a spring pendulum
02-05-02, 15:00 Hans Peter Stimming Nonlinear Schrödinger equation: aspects of numerics
02-05-02, 14:00 Nina Haiden The public goods game with reputation
25-04-02, 15:00 Christoph Sparber On the long time behavior of the quantum Fokker-Planck equation, Part 2
25-04-02, 14:00 Klemens Fellner Burgers versus Poisson, round 2
18-04-02, 15:00 Hannelore Brandt The Spatial Public Goods Game
18-04-02, 14:00 Lukas Neumann Convergence to equilibrium for neutron transport
11-04-02, 15:00 Yasmin Dolak Modelling of signal propagation and aggregation of Dictyostelium discoideum
11-04-02, 14:00 Nikolaus Viertl On the outflow of a funnel
24-01-02, 14:30 Nikola Popovic A geometric analysis of model problems for low Reynolds number flow II
24-01-02, 14:00 Astrid Huber Geometric analysis of a singularly perturbed laser equation
17-01-02, 15:00 Hans Peter Stimming  
17-01-02, 14:30 Christoph Sparber  
17-01-02, 14:00 Klemens Fellner The Burgers-Poisson System
22-11-01, 14:30 Andrey Nechaev Stationary motions and relative equilibrium of mechanical systems
22-11-01, 14:00 Nina Haiden The Public Goods Game and the corresponding minigame
8-11-01, 14:30 Hannelore Brandt Correlation Analysis of Fitness Landscapes
8-11-01, 14:00 Juan Mayorga A Discontinuous Problem with Quasilinear Operator
18-10-01, 14:30 Lukas Neumann On the Brouwer Fixed-Point Theorem
18-10-01, 14:00 Yasmin Dolak Modelling Chemotaxis with a Cattaneo System
27-06-01, 11:00 Gennady Kondratiev The Optimal Stabilization Problem
27-06-01, 10:30 Nikola Popovic A Geometric Analysis of Model Problems for Low Reynolds Number Flow
27-06-01, 10:00 Astrid Huber Slow-Fast Dynamics in the Laser Equations
20-06-01, 11:00 Klemens Fellner Convergence to Equilibrium for Nonhomogeneous Kinetic Equations
20-06-01, 10:30 Hans Peter Stimming Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation: On the Semiclassical Limit
20-06-01, 10:00 Christoph Sparber A Wignerfunction Approach to WKB-Asymptotics