Markus Fulmek


Fields of interest:
The main focus of my research lies in the area of bijective and algebraic combinatorics. In particular, I am interested in the combinatorial interpretation of determinants as generating functions of nonintersecting lattice paths, and in the enumeration of matchings.

Selected publications

  • Lattice path proofs for determinant formulas for symplectic and orthogonal characters, (with C. Krattenthaler ), J. Combin. Theory Ser. A 77 (1997), 3-50.
  • Bijective proofs for Schur function identities which imply Dodgson's condensation formula and Plücker relations, (with M. Kleber ), Electronic Journal of Combinatorics, (8), 2001, R16.
  • Enumeration of permutations containing a prescribed number of occurrences of a pattern of length three, Paper in PDF-format (also math.CO/0112092 ), Adv. Appl. Math. 30 (2003), 607-632.
  • Asymptotic behaviour of the average height of watermelons, Electronic Journal of Combinatorics 14 (1), 2007, R64.
  • Graphical Condensation, Overlapping Pfaffians and Superpositions of Matchings, Electronic Journal of Combinatorics17(1), 2010, R83.
  • Viewing determinants as nonintersecting lattice paths yields classical determinantal identities bijectively, Electronic Journal of Combinatorics 19(3), 2012, P21.
  • Bijective proofs for Schur function identities, (arXiv:0909.5334 [math.CO])