OPEN POSITIONS under supervision of Goulnara ARZHANTSEVA
          Duration: 3 years.
          Starting date: October 2024 or March 2025.

          Duration: 2 years.
          Starting date:
October 2024 or March 2025
          Deadline for application:
see the funding opportunities below.
          Specific conditions: no teaching load, additional funding for inviting.

          Duration: 1-4 months research visit.
Accepted continuously, no application deadline.

Keywords for all positions: Geometric group theory, Gromov's hyperbolic groups, relatively and lacunary hyperbolic groups, residually finite groups,
coarse amenability and coarse embeddings, random groups, sofic and hyperlinear groups, expander graphs.

          Duration: 3 years.
          Positions available: Postdoctoral fellowships (including funding for travel, etc.) 
          Deadline: Accepted continuously, no application deadline.

          Duration and starting date: 1-4 years.
          Positions available: Intra-European fellowships (IEF), International Incoming fellowships (IIF), International Outgoing fellowship (IOF),  Career Integration grant (CIG), etc.
          Deadline for application: See the EU websites.

          Duration: 6 years
          Publication of new calls: July, 2024.
          Duration: 1-4 months
          Starting date: according to the agreement.
          Deadline for application: March 15, June 15, October 15, in the year preceding the fellowship
          Duration: 6-8 years
          Specification: leading an independent interdisciplinary research group in mathematics and another research field.
          Starting date: according to the agreement.
          Deadline for application: 2024.

          Duration: 1-9 months
          Specification: postdocs and PhD students from outside Austria wishing to pursue research in Austria.
          Starting date: according to the agreement.
          Deadline for application: 01.02.2024.

Please contact me by email. Please note that there will not be any answer if your research is not on a related subject.