SE 250107-1 Schwerpunktseminar 2017
Stochastik und Dynamische Systeme

Lecturers: Henk Bruin and Roland Zweimüller

For questions email Henk Bruin oder Roland Zweimüller.


List of current presentations (PdM = Palis & de Melo, see the reference).
Date Name Topic
March 23 Henk Bruin PdM Chapter 1 + 2, up to § 5
April 27 we skip this slot
May 4 Silvia Radinger PdM Chapter 2, § 6, stable manifold theorem
May 11 Eva Hornakova PdM Chapter 3 § 2, Kupka-Smale vector fields
May 18 Michael Mietki PdM Chapter 4 § 3, Morse-Smale vector fields
May 25 Ascension day
June 1 Peter Fellner Ergodic aspects of toral automorphisms
June 8 no seminar
June 14 suggested extra slot to make up for missed Thursdays
June 15 Corpus Christi
June 22 Jürgen Steininger Stochastic aspects I
June 29 Bertram Tschiderer Stochastic aspects II

Schedule and classroom

Day Time Roomfromto
Thursday 13:15-14:45 SR129.3.2017
Thursday 12:30-14:00 or
09.142 23.3.201729.06.2017

Topic of the Course

Aspects of hyperbolic dynamics


All books listed are (or soon will be) available in the library.


Die Leistungsbeurteilung für das Seminar erfolgt auf Grund der Vorträge der Studenten.

Updated March 14 2017