250107 SE Schwerpunktseminar SS 2020
Stochastik und Dynamische Systeme

Lecturers: Henk Bruin and Roland Zweimüller

For questions email Henk Bruin or Roland Zweimüller.


First meeting on March 6th 2020: discussion of structure and choice of topic.

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List of slots

Date Name Topic
March 12 is Rector's day
May 21 is Ascension Day (Himmelfahrt),
June 11 Corpus Christi (Frohleichnam).

Schedule and classroom

Day Time Roomfromto
Thursday 11:30-12:45 SR125.3.201925.06.2019

Topic of the Course

  • Assessment/Leistungsbeurteilung

    Assessment for this seminar will be based on the presentations of the students/Die Leistungsbeurteilung für das Seminar erfolgt auf Grund der Vorträge der Studenten.

    Updated February 14 2020