250099 VO Dynamical Systems in Mechanics

Lecturer: Prof. Henk Bruin

Please contact H. Bruin for further information about this course.


First lecture: Wednesday March 6, 4-6pm in D107.

No class on March 20. The course will then continue after the Easter Break, i.e., Wednesday April 10.

No class on May 1, because it is Labour Day.

Due to absence of lectuer, no class on May 29. We will resume on June 5.

Class Details

Day Time RoomFromTo
Wednesday 4-6pm D10706.03.201326.06.2013

Description of topic

The mathematical study of mechanical systems (such as driven or coupled pendula, the Earth revolving around the Sun) is in terms of ordinary differential equations, which may be too complicated to solve explicitly, but there are various other techniques and methods, which are at the heart of a field called Dynamical Systems. However, differential geometry and ergodic theory play a role in this area too.

Topics to be covered include
- Basic example from Newtownian mechanics.
- Periodic motion quasi-periodic motion and resonance.
- Preserved quantities (first integrals of motion).
- Hamiltonian and Lagrangian formalism.
- Symmetries and Noether's Theorem.


Further texts:


Assesment is based on an (oral) exam.

Course material (hand-outs/assignments)

Updated May 21 2013