Geometry Seminar

The geometry seminar is the main meeting point of the Differential Geometry Group of the Faculty of Mathematics of the University of Vienna. Unless otherwise announced, lectures will take place in room D107 in the UZA 4 (the same building as the mathematics institute) on Mondays, starting at 15:15.


October 19 Yurii Neretin: "Infinite symmetric group and simplicial topological field theories" Abstract
October 26 no seminar (public holiday)
November 2 no seminar (advisory board meeting)
November 9 Ales Navrat: "An invariant operator for almost Grassmannian structures"
November 16 Martin Bauer/Philipp Harms: "Variational formulas on shape space of hypersurfaces in n-space" Abstract
November 23 Andreas Cap: "The ambient metric" Abstract
November 30 Osmar Maldonado: "On the asymptotic expansion for the heat kernel for certain non self-adjoint boundary value problems" Abstract
December 7 no seminar
December 14 Martin Bauer/Philipp Harms: Almost local metrics on shape space of hypersurfaces in n-space. Abstract

Programs of former semesters: