Courses in the area "Geometry and Topology"
of the master program

Lecture courses from core modules

 WS 18/19SoSe 19WS 19/20SoSe 20WS 20/21SoSe 21WS 21/22
Analysis on manifolds M. Eichmair A. Cap M. Eichmair 
Riemannian geometryA. Kriegl M. Eichmair R. Steinbauer M. Eichmair
Algebraic topology A. Mellit  V. Vertesi  
Lie groupsA. Cap M. Kunzinger A. Cap N.N

Seminars and topics courses

Remark: Topics courses on algebraic geometry and geometric group theory can be used for the area "Geometry and Topology". However, these courses are coordinated in the area "Arithmetics, algebra, and discrete mathematics", so future courses in these directions are only partially listed here.
WS 18/19:M. Kunzinger, R. Steinbauer: Seminar "Metric Geomety" 2 WSt., 4 ECTS.
H. Hauser: VO+PS Algebraische Geometrie I, 3+2 WSt. 5+3 ECTS (Algebra)
H. Hauser: VO+PS Kommutative Algebra, 2+1 WSt. 3+2 ECTS (Algebra)
SoSe 19:H. Hauser: VO+PS Algebraische Geometrie II, 4+2 WSt. 6+3 ECTS (Algebra)
A. Cap: VO Geometry of homogeneous spaces, 3 WSt. 5 ECTS
R. Donninger, A. Cap: SE Black holes, 2 WSt. 4 ECTS
WS 19/20:R. Steinbauer: VO Comparison Geometry, 4 WSt., 6 ECTS.
A. Mellit: SE Characteristic classes, 2 WSt. 4 ECTS
SoSe 20:M. Kunzinger: VO Principal fiber bundles, 4 WSt. 6 ECTS
V. Vertesi: Differential topology, 2 WSt., 3 ECTS
A. Mellit: VO Enumerative Geometry, 2 WSt., 3 ECTS
WS 20/21:M. Kunzinger, G. Hörmann: VO Gauge Theory, 4 WSt. 6 ECTS
H. Hauser: Singularities VO 3 WSt. 5 ECTS + PS 1 WSt. 2 ECTS
R. Donninger, A. Cap: SE Black holes, 2 WSt. 4 ECTS
SoSe 21:R. Steinbauer: VO Lorentzian Geometry, 4 WSt., 6 ECTS
D. Burde: VO Lie Algebras and Representation Theory, 4 WSt., 6 ECTS
A. Cap: VO G-structures, 3 WSt. 5 ECTS
V. Vertesi: VO Contact topology, 3 WSt. 5 ECTS
A. Mellit, V. Vertesi: SE Low Dimensional Topology, 2 WSt. 4 ECTS