Measure Theory

Wednesday and Thursday, 15:15-17:00 in Seminarraum 11 (OMP 1)

Summary: The Lebesgue measure and integration theory is one of the pillars of modern analysis and the cornerstone of the probability theory. The lecture presents its basic concepts and results (in particular the existence, uniqueness and important examples of measures, Lebesgue integral, convergence theorems, spaces of integrable functions, product measures) and connects these results with other areas of mathematics.

Questions for the exam: download


Lecture notes: handwritten lecture notes

Proseminar on Measure Theory

Wednesday 13:15-15:00 Seminarraum 8 (OMP1)

Summary: The proseminar complements the lecture with examples, exercises and short talks.

Problems for solution: 9 October, 16 October, 23 October, 30 October, 6 November, 13 November, 20 November (solutions), 27 November (solutions), 4 December (solutions), 11 December (solutions), 18 December - no proseminar, 8 January (solutions), 15 January (solutions), 22 January

Seminar on Probability Theory

Tuesday 17:00-18:30 Seminarraum 12 (OMP1)

For the programm see the page of the seminar