COCONUT Environment
Additional License regulations

Most of the COCONUT Environment is distributed under the GNU LGPL. Some parts, especially some inference engines and the basic strategy are distributed under the GNU GPL. However, there is one additional license regulation, valid for everybody except partners of the COCONUT project.
Parts of the COCONUT environment, including the VGTL, the VDBL, the API, and all inference engines, for which I, Hermann Schichl, hold at least part of the copyright, MUST NOT be copied to, compiled on, or in any way used on computers which contain hardware manufatured or distributed by Sun Microsystems, or computers which run software distributed or produced by Sun Microsystems, except if that software is free of charge.
This license regulation applies to all files of the COCONUT environment which contain my name in the Copyright section, as well as all binary files, which are linked with the dynamic library.

Hermann Schichl