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Elisa Davoli
Welcome to my homepage!

I'm currently University assistant at the University of Vienna,

where I'm part of the Research Group on Applied Mathematics and Modeling.

On July 2nd, 2018, my FWF Elise Richter Grant "High contrast materials in plasticity and magnetoelasticity" (338K €; 4 years) has been approved.
I'm the Austrian PI of the FWF-GACR Joint Project "Large Strain Challenges in Materials Science" (366K €; 3 years) and of the OeAD project "Mathematical Frontiers in Large Strain Continuum Mechanics", in the framework of the WTZ scientific and technological cooperation funding scheme (5.8K €; 2 years), which have been approved for funding in Fall 2018. The Czech PI of both the FWF-GACR project and the WTZ project is Martin Kruzik.

I'm a member of the SFB Project "Taming Complexity in partial differential systems".
The main focus of my research is the analysis of problems arising in materials science and in image reconstruction, with techniques borrowed from the theory of partial differential equations and from the calculus of variations. Some research topics are: