Download GloptLab

In order to use GloptLab, you will have to install Matlab. We have tested the latest version of GloptLab with Matlab 2008a and we cannot guarantee the backward compatibiliy of the software.

The GloptLab installation consists of the GloptLab core files only, and you have to install the external toolboxes IntLab, SeDuMi, SDPT3 and Lpsolve manually (as far as you intend to use them in GloptLab). You can set the path to the toolboxes by starting GloptLab and selecting the Edit Configuartion option at the bottom of the center panel.

IntLab must be installed in order to use GloptLab and you should consider to install at least one conic solver (SeDuMi or SDPT3). You can find more information about the toolbox installation procedure in the install.txt document which is contained in the GloptLab installation directory. To convert DAG files (.dag) to the GloptLab input format (.def) we use a precompiled subset of the Coconut Environment.

Please read the licence before using GloptLab.

Notes: The software is still in testing, please report errors to: ferenc DOT domes AT SIGN univie DOT ac DOT at. Some download options will be available in the near future. Enjoy the package!

Download GloptLab version 1.00 Beta
Windows Installer 2.3 MB GloptLab.msi
Linux Tarball 2.0 MB GloptLab.tar.gz
Documentation Installation Guide 6 K GloptLab_install.txt
Quick Start Guide 3.6 K GloptLab_quick.pdf
GloptLab Paper 430 K GloptLab_paper.pdf

Version changes

18 September 2009: We thank the anonymous referee from the INTCP09 conference, who found some critical installation errors: shortcuts and the IntLab initialization have been corrected.