"Geometry and Analysis on Groups" Research Seminar

Time: 2016.04.05, 15:00–17:00
Location: Seminarraum 9, Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1, 2.Stock
Title:How not to prove Thompson-like groups are exact (and three other short stories).
Speaker:Martin Finn-Sell
Abstract: In this talk, I will discuss recent work with Vadim Alekseev (from Göttingen/Dresden) concerning property A for Thompson's groups. As the title suggests, we did not obtain the desired result - however we did manage to prove three (loosely) related results that illustrate how deeply this problem connects with moderrn ideas in univeral algebra and operator algebraic dynamics. This talk will review the approach by firstly describing the setting (for the first hour or so) and then outlining the results we managed to obtain, and how they relate to modern literature concerning Thompson-like groups attached to certain Cantor dynamical systems.