Programme on "Algorithmic and Enumerative Combinatorics"

October 16 - November 24, 2017

organised by

Mireille Bousquet-Mélou, Michael Drmota, Christian Krattenthaler, Peter Paule and Michael Singer

"Algorithmic and Enumerative Combinatorics" is the general research area which is defined by the interplay of Enumerative Combinatorics, Analytic Combinatorics, and Algorithmics. These three subjects mutually overlap largely, and consequently scientific interaction between the researchers of the subjects will be highly beneficial to all of them. Such interaction is therefore extremely desirable.

The goal of this thematic programme is to make progress on the outstanding problems at the interface between Enumerative Combinatorics and Algorithmics, by bringing together leading researchers with complementary expertise from the three communities, and from related areas.

The programme will be "kicked off" by a Workshop on "Enumerative Combinatorics". Towards the end of the programme, a Workshop on "Computer Algebra in Combinatorics" will take place.
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