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Mathematician. Domains of interest: representation theory and noncommutative harmonic analysis, infinite dimensional groups, special functions, operator theory, mathematical physics, symmetric spaces, matrix geometry, history of mathematics

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  • ORCID: 0000-0002-6467-6849
  • MathSciNet ID/210026
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    Lectures 2004--2006

    Some electronically available papers
  • Research gate:Yury Neretin
  • Some my old scanned papers
  • Personalia (Essays about distinguished mathematicians)
  • Papers in irregular issues and videos
  • Some my old works on infinite dimensional groups, 1984-1996 (Russian)
  • Papers on mathematical education and education polytics (Russian)
  • Comments concerning recent statistical pseudosciences: "Mathematics of elections" ( 1 , 2 , More references), "New chronology", Morozov-Fomenko theory (1, 2 )

  • MISCELANIA (XX-XXI centure: history of mathematics, history of Soviet biology, history. Collection of documents, recollections, research. My papers and notes)

    Historical text: 1937/1793. Formulation of problem (research based on open mass data, 2007, Russian)