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Mathematician. Domains of interest: representation theory and noncommutative harmonic analysis, infinite dimensional groups, symmetric spaces, matrix geometry, special functions, operator theory, mathematical physics

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    Historical text: 1937/1793. Formulation of problem (Russian)

    Comments concerning recent statistical pseudosciences
    "Mathematics of elections", Russia, 2011-2012
  • On statistical researches of parliament elections in Russian Federation. 04.12.2011. Preprint ESI-2349
  • Elections in Russia: falsified mathematics againist falsification in elections? (Russian)
  • More references (English and Russian) ( completely Russian version)
    "New chronology", Morozov-Fomenko theory
  • Incredible coincidences and Morozov--Fomenko problem on folds of history (Russian)
  • Sad story of new chronology (Russian, my recollections)

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