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Talks (conferences)

Infinite symmetric group, checker topological field theories, and Feynmann diagrams. Teichmuller theory : quantization and relations with physics, Vienna, ESI, April, 2013

Difference Sturm–Liouville operators in imaginary direction XXXII Workshop on Geometric Methods in Physics, Bialowieza, July 2013

Geometry of double cosets and infinite-dimensional groups (series of lectures), II School "Geometry and Physics" Bialowieza, July 2013

Invariants of conjugacy classes and rational maps of Grassmannians, Tyurin memorial conference, Steklov Institute, Moscow, 28.10.2013

Hua-Pickrell measures and representations of infinite-dimensional group CIRM, Luminy, France, 12-18.12.2013

Infinite symmetric group and simplicial bordisms. Sophus Lie seminar 46, 12.01, 2014, Paderborn, Germany

Inverse limits of unitary groups. Lomonosov readings, Moscow State University, 18.04.2014

Spectral data for several matrices and multivariable analogs of Livshits characteristic functions Workshop Hilbert Modules and Complex Geometry, Oberwolfach, 20 Apr - 26 Apr 2014

Multivariate characteristic functions for families of operators. Mini-workshop KATS2014 (Komplexe Analysis und/et Theorie spectrale), in honor V.Katsnelson, , Linz, Austria, 12-13.05.2014

Cartier Model and Integral operators with theta-kernels Conference 'Modern time-frequency analysis', Storbl, Austria, 2-6 June 2014

Infinite symmetric group and simpicial bordisms Representations, Dynamics, Combinatorics: in the Limit and Beyond. In honor of Anatoly Vershik, St-Petersburg, 8-15 June 2014

Matrix beta-integral XXXIII WORKSHOP ON GEOMETRIC METHODS IN PHYSICS, 2014 Bialowieza, Poland, June 2014

Introduction to infinite-dimensional harmonic analysis III School "Geometry and Physics" July 2014

The group of diffeomorphisms of the circle and its completion Workshop "Infinite-dimensional Riemannian geometry", Wien, ESI, January 12 - 16, 2015

The space of holomorphic functionals on the space of univalent functions and actions of the group of diffeomorphisms of the circle Programme on Infinite-dimensional Riemannian geometry with applications to image matching and shape analysis, ESI, 29.01.2015

Double cosets of classical groups with respect to small subgroups and their characteristic functions Generalizations of symmetric spaces, Nahsholim, Israel, 23.05.2015

Thompson groups and mapping class groups XXXIV Workshop on Geometric Methods in Physics, Bialowieza, ??????, 3 July 2015

Hilbert spaces of holomorphic functions(a series of lectures) XXXIV School on Geometry and Physics, Bialowieza, Poland, 6-11 July 2015

Infinite symmetric group and combinatorial constructions of topological field theory type. Dynamics, Combinatorics, Representations , Sankt-Petersburg, 1 September 2015

Groups of hierarchomorphisms of trees and related Hilbert spaces Measured Group Theory, ESI, Vienna, 28.1.2016

Reproducing kernels on the space of univalent functions. Complex analysis and vision theory, Voss, Norway, 13.05.2016

Talks (seminars and universities)

Inverse limits of unitary groups and infinite dimensional analogs of Haar measures. Marburg University, colloquim, February, 2013

Weil representations and its applications, University of Marburg, February 2013 12.03. 2010 (series of lectures)

Infinite-dimensional symmetric group, two-dimensional bordisms, and Feynmann diagrams. Seminar 'Riemann surfaces, Lie algebras, and mathematical physics, Independent University, 17.05/2013

Infinite symmetric group and topological field theories. Mathphys seminar, High Economics school, Moscow, 08.04.2014

Haar measure. Series of lectures, Moscow State University, November 2014

Infinite symmetric group and bordisms of two-dimensional triangulated surfaces. Geometry & Dynamics Seminar. Tel-Aviv University

  • Infinite symmetric group and two-dimensional simplicial bordisms Seminar 'Group Theory' (A,Yu,Olshanski, A.A.Klyachko), Moscow State University, 22.4.2016