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On 'electorial mathematics'

Comments on new pseudoscience in Russia (2011-2012). First, classics of pseudoscieve, comments after this

Classics of electorial mathematics

Dmitry Shpilkin (Continuation) More
Maxin Pshenichnikov
Alexander Shen (English version) (Konstantin Sonin)
Dmitry Kobak, Sergey Shpilkin, Maxim S. Pshenichnikov "Statistical anomalies in 2011-2012 Russian elections revealed by 2D correlation analysis"

My texts

  • On statistical researches of parliament elections in Russian Federation. 04.12.2011. Preprint ESI-2349, or
  • Elections in Russia: falsified mathematics againist falsification in elections? (Russian)

    Notes (livejournal, Russian)
    From the history of mathematical science
    Statistical data of association GOLOS[voice] confirm complete victory of Putin on elections
    Sample of Assiciation GOLOS
    Meeting fo honest calculations of number of participants of meeting: buttle for grants or a conflict of higher-ups?"> Communist Party of Russian Federation: before and after the knock-down
    Editorial statistics: not about falsifications
    Long triller (Discussion with Victor Vasiliev in inetrnet)
    Peculiaruties of national strugle for honest elections

    Mikhail Simkin

    Mathematical proof of fraud in Russian elections unsound(English)
    Not electoral fraud but number theory - the Russian elections (English)
    99 percents for Obama. Impossible American elections (Russian)
    For honest elections in USA! (Russian)
    Americam elections are non-Gaussian (Rusian)
    Markov for Churov! There are no mathematical proofs of fasifications of elections (Russian)

    Sergej Kuznetsov (Russian)

    On methods of statistical analysis of elections
    Methods of statistical analysis of results of elections (correlations, Gauss, Benford, etc.
    Analysis of statistics of president elections{Russian)

    Oleg Petrov (Russian)

    Mass falsifications. Wanted. 1. Analysis of mass falsifications
    Mass falsifications. Wanted. 2. Ukraina (Orange revolution, 2004
    Mass falsifications. Wanted. 3. Statistical search of falsifications

    Vitaly Shihakov (Russian)"

    Miscelania (Russian) (Yury Yufryakov)