Global Optimization Software Evaluation

We are planning a comparative evaluation of a number of currently available public domain global optimization programs for optimizing smooth functions

provided the software is Codes, taken in the form as available via the WWW, will be evaluated on our DEC Alpha machines, later perhaps also on other machines.

If, as an authors of such software, you are interested in our evaluation of your code, please write to Oleg Shcherbina. We ask your cooperation in creating a short file describing concisely the precise task(s) your code can handle, the methods being used, and a description of the file structure and the purpose of the major routines, in particular with details of how the code is to be installed, how the input has to be provided and how the output must be interpreted. We may have additional wishes regarding an installation routine (makefile), an easy-to-use user interface, or the specification of default parameter settings, so that your code will appear in the most favorable light.

Initially, the evaluation will be restricted to software written in C. However, if you have written public domain global optimization software in Fortran, C++, or Matlab, we'd still like to know about your interest in a comparison. You'll then be contacted later in case we expand the evaluation to these languages.

After finishing the evaluation, we expect to be able to report about

The results will be made publicly available on this site.

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Arnold Neumaier

University of Vienna, Austria

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