ASA: Modification of ASA to ensure 20000 function evaluations
ASAorig: ASA, CalTech Adaptive Simulated Annealing Code (Lester Ingber)
CS: Modification of CS to ensure 20000 function evaluations
CSorig: Derivative-Free Boender-Timmer-Rinnoy Kan Algorithm (Tibor Csendes)
CSrand: Wie CS; random numbers for lokal search
DE: DE, Differential Evolution Genetic Algorithm (Rainer Storn)
Geno3: Genocop3.0 is a older version of Genocop III
GenoIII: GENOCOP III, Genetic Algorithm for Constrained Problems (Zbigniew Michalewicz)
PGA: PGAPack, Parallel Genetic Algorithm, (Argonne National Laboratory)
Random: Minimization with random numbers only (Erich Janka)
SIGMA: TOMS/667 (Aluffi-Pentini, Parisi and Zirilli)
VFSR: Modification of VFSR to ensure 20000 function evaluations
VFSRorig: VFSR Very Fast Simulated Reannealing (Bruce Rosen)

Links for all these programs (and more) are found at the web-pages about Global Optimization (Arnold Neumaier).