Chemical Process Modeling in Modelica

Modelica source code
The above code is a rudimentary prototype of the unit operations coded in Modelica, the snapshot taken from the SVN repo (rev. 1477, 02 May 2012).

You can run the example presented in subsection "3.2 Example: multiple steady-states in ideal two-product distillation" of the paper Chemical Process Modeling in Modelica (abstract) like this:

/path/to/JModelica/bin/ --pylab

then run the following Python script


The result should be something like:

d_1 [ 0.47682887]
d_2 [ 0.00042575]

b_1 [ 0.02317113]
b_2 [ 0.49957425]

although these results can heavily depend on the solver you are using.
The model corresponds to the AMPL model in JacobsenJM_jun_28.mod and in fact the results are identical to at least 6 significant digits.

After examining the situation, we have decided to discontinue the Modelica implementation and to continue the work in the Concise which is fully under our control and supports unbalanced components. Modelica needs balanced components .