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Bibliography, Part 2



This listing is offered as a sample of sources likely to be helpful for reflection; it is neither exhaustive nor prescriptive. Books are listed alphabetically by authors; those marked with (P) are available in paperback.

Davidman, Joy, Smoke on the Mountain (P)
Reflections on the ten commandments and their significance in a contemporary context.

Fogelman, Eva, Conscience and Courage
Fogelman investigates the psychology of the individuals who helped Jews during the Nazi persecutions. Moving and insightful.

Harrigan, J. P., Homosexuality : Test Case for Christian Ethics (P)
A clear and sensitive discussion of ethics, especially sexual ethics, from within the Roman Catholic tradition. Although readers may not agree with all conclusions, the case is built clearly and explicitly so that all components of the discussion can be considered in the course of the argument. Includes sensitive reflections on the gracious character of conjugal sexuality.

Lewis, C. S., The Abolition of Man (P)
Lewis examines the relations between a comprehensive metaphysical naturalism and ethics. Includes a brief summary of quotations from major traditions for the universality of core ethics.

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